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Thread: $2.50/lb Hops Liquidation - Nikobrew

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    $2.50/lb Hops Liquidation - Nikobrew

    Hey folks,

    The hops below are t90 pellets and have been stored at -5F in nitrogen flushed mylar to retain freshness. They are in 44lb boxes and are ready to ship immediately upon receiving payment.

    Hops and pricing:

    These prices are if you purchase ALL of that particular variety. If you want less than the entire lot, make me an offer and include how much of what variety/varieties you'd like and the price(s) you're asking to pay. Don't be shy!

    FULL LOTS of each hop below are $2.50/lb!

    Crop Year | Variety | LBs Available

    2015 CTZ 12980
    2014 Aurora 1760
    2014 Celeia 1100
    2014 Polaris 3960
    2014 Sorachi Ace 132
    2014 Summit 1672
    2013 Nugget 1320
    2013 Polaris 2200
    2013 Sorachi Ace 1056

    FOB Northern WA

    Payment options: Check or wire. All major credit cards with a 3% transaction fee added.

    To order or offer: Email pro at nikobrew dot com with how much of what hops you'd like and your offered price (if you're not taking all of one hop).


    Hops, hops, come get your hops!

    "Samsonite! I was way off!" - Lloyd Christmas

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