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Thread: Hammer & Nail Brewery

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    Hammer & Nail Brewery

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    name Major Ron Wilson

    Hay Gents -

    Just talked to my brother who owns the Davis Street Package Store in Watertown, Connecticut. Informed me that the Hammer & Nail Brewery was closed down and locked up by the local sheriff's department. Does anyone know what is going on?


    Ron Wilson

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    This if from's BeerLog: Connecticut brewery Hammer & Nail Brewers has shut down after being evicted and having its property seized by order of a state marshal. The action was taken in connection with a delinquent water and sewer bill owed to the Watertown Water and Sewer Authority, according to Frank T. Jodaitis, the authority's superintendent. However, Jodaitis would not reveal the exact details of that unpaid bill, which totaled at least $16,000. Peter Hammer, who owns the brewery with his wife, Eliza, could not be reached for comment. The longer story is at:
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