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Three part video here.

Cheap Chinese tablet w/ super basic UI for changing cycle times, running different cycles, etc.

Pumps and the various plumbing would be the responsibility of the end user, with recommendations & length specs whenever appropriate.

Looking forward to hearing feedback.
A couple of observations, one very particular to PBW, two the initial gas purge and the need for two pumps.

1) PBW works best hot, above 140F - how do you keep it hot

2) The gas purge cycle is a bit redundant. Opening the purge valve and hot water rinse - making it one step.

3) The need for 2 pumps really unnecessary. I purge with compressed air and CO2. The gas enters at the beginning or end (depending how you look at it) of the manifold. As such, when I purge the keg the gas purges the pump and manifolds of rinse water, cleaner, in my case Birk-Ox, finally SaniClean, Starsan is too foamy to be efficient. Since the pump is purged with each cycle there is no cross contamination of chemicals.

Additional comments - I don't use a 3 bay sink, I have a 2 1/2bbl kegs as reservoirs that are flipped to use the 2" snake fitting with a tri-clover bottom drain and a weld on fitting on the original bottom for return. Have cut a 3" hole in the top (orig bottom) for filling. The drain fitting runs to a hose and then into the drain instead of a sink.
A's far as the manifolds go you can do what you have or use some glycol system manifolds, I think I saw them at GW Kent. The part that interests me is the electronics and programming. I have a box of raspberry pi's 2&3's, some Beaglebone Black's and Arduino boards, but I still hate programming (Hardware good, Software evil).

Don't misunderstand, I don't mean to be critical what you have works I just can't use our 3 Bay food prep sinks for anything other than our tasting room needs. The pumps you use do work but if they were used in my setup I would have to rotate the pump head 90 degrees so the outlet is on the side for complete purging.