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Thread: Research on Craft Brewery Buyouts - We Need Your Thoughts

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    Research on Craft Brewery Buyouts - We Need Your Thoughts

    I am leading a team of researchers in the United States to better understand the buyouts occurring in the beer industry and their potential impact on craft breweries (e.g., AB InBev buying Goose Island). Your participation and help with the study can occur in two ways.

    First, we have created a short exercise/survey that takes about 10 minutes to complete.

    Alternatively (or in addition to the exercise/survey), if you’d like to share your sentiments/opinions on the topic of craft brewery buyouts here on the forum, we would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts. For example, how does the news of these acquisitions make you feel? Have your thoughts on acquisitions changed over time? Do you think the acquisitions have blurred the lines between craft breweries (as defined by the BA) and other breweries? Do you feel the same way toward all acquisitions or are some better or worse? Overall, would you say you are against, indifferent, accepting, or supportive of craft brewery acquisitions? (For those currently at breweries, we ask that you please include the state and age of your brewery when responding).

    Although we will gladly share the results of our research, we understand that this is largely a thankless act, so we do greatly appreciate anyone who would be willing to participate.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who might be willing to share.


    Blake Mathias, PhD
    Professor. Investor. Entrepreneur.
    Louisiana State University
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    I just completed the survey. Reasonably well written and showing a decent understanding of the industry

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    I did too. Pretty sure I aced it...

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