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Thread: Fresh Hops

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    Fresh Hops

    How Long Will Pelletized Type Hops Stay Fresh In A Vacuum Sealed Pack? 2+ Years?

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    not so fresh hop pellets

    It might be you have thrown out your hops by now but here is my 2 Rappen worth:
    I recently opened up a 5Kg packet of fuggles T90 4.4% alpha. They had been stored in a cool room 4-7 Celcius for 19 months.

    Taking a good whiff told me they weren't bad but maybe a little lacking on aroma. I use them as bittering hops at start of boil or better said first wort hops. The result was fine - the beer isn't in any way worse off. I do allow for a reduced alpha content - I guess at 3.9%

    Conventional wisdom in this part of the brewing world says that older hops can have an increased proportion of beta-acid resins over the fresher hops that make for a smoother bitterness.

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