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Thread: Mashing in without an Auger

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    Mashing in without an Auger

    We're about to start brewing on our 10bbl system but we're missing one piece...the auger. We have it in house, but due to several reasons out of our control, it will not be functional for a few weeks. Not wanting to postpone brewing any longer then we have to, we have been thinking of pouring the pre-milled malt from the bag into the grist hydrator. It sounds like a pain in the ass...but can anyone think of a particular reason that would be a bad idea? Any thought or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    Someone (yap) posted on probrewer a while back about the way they did it. They used a food grade trash bin, square shaped, and at the bottom of it, cut an opening and installed a blast gate from a dust collector. They slid open the gate to regulate the flow of grist, and used a pallet stacker to hoist it up over the mash tun. Might work for you, since it would be easier to keep the bin loaded with grist, and you can get a more consistent flow into the hydrator.

    Mike Sharp

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    If you have the option of milling into a bag it's very easy to just dump into your mash tun and stir with paddle. It's the way millions of barrels of beer have been produced over decades. You don't need a grist rehydrator and you don't need an auger. It's a bit more work, but for a 10bbl system, it's the way most folks do it. Nothing complicated and nothing to break down or to clean. Easy. Good luck!
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--

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