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Thread: Poly Tubing Used for "Sight-Level"

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    Poly Tubing Used for "Sight-Level"

    Hello everyone,
    I have seen poly tubing used with TC hose barbs mounted on tanks as a "sight level" or "sight-glass" to determine the current tank volume. I don't like to use these on any tank that will be pressurized but I have a customer who is requesting these as opposed to our standard borosilicate glass tubes. Anyone know what type of tubing is best for this scenario? My main concern is durability as well as the possibility of it hazing when it comes in contact with caustic or acid during CIP.

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    Heat is the main enemy of clear, soft PVC line. We use it on our HL system, but there is no flow through the line and it stays cool enough not to swell.

    As for the other worries, it's cheap, so just replace when it gets cloudy. PVC tubing is pretty resistant to acids and alkalis. Iodaphor will stain it.
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