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Thread: 8 months and counting for TTB Approval

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    Angry 8 months and counting for TTB Approval

    Anyone having difficulty getting approval from TTB? I submitted mine in June of last year. No good news or bad news. The wait time was 150 days when I submitted. I did not attempt to contact until after the 150 days was up per the website. When I did finally reach someone after the 150 days I was told they would get to it when they could. No luck getting a human being to speak to since that time or responses to any of my email requests. This is getting ridiculous. I have reached out to my US Senator for help but they are having issues getting any sort of formal response as well. I talked to a couple of other local breweries who said theirs was 6-7 months.

    UPDATE - The case was reassigned and approved after I answered 4 or 5 questions. Getting your state/federal officials involved does work.
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    We applied in November last year, nothing so far, but I'll be happy to post here if we hear anything soon. Our plan and ownership structure is extremely simple, so we're hoping that plays in our favor.

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    We are a 2 bbl, 2 person LLC. We applied in March 2016 and got approved in late November. 241 days. Our assigned agent never responded to a single phone message. We had to contact one of our US Senators. Apparently the TTB has to respond to a senate inquiry within 30 days. Two days after our Senator's office contacted them we were approved.
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    We also contacted our US Senator, explaining how difficult TTB delays were making it on small businesses.
    Within 2 days we had a letter in the mail from that Senator's office, saying they'd contacted TTB on our behalf, and our approval came within a week of that, which was more or less right at 90 days from filing.

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