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Thread: Distillery Equipment For Sale _ All of It

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    Exclamation Distillery Equipment For Sale _ All of It

    Are you ready for your brewery to jump into Distilling? Everything you need is here.

    The owner/distillers at Millers and Saints Distillery of Saint Louis Park, MN are moving out of the spirits business and focusing on other aspects of the beverage industry. As a result, we have a complete distilling package, a finished spirits package, and a branding package for sale.

    -The distilling package includes a 300gal ss/copper steam jacketed pot still with 14 plate copper column by Global Stainless and all the associated buckets, tanks, measurement equipment, barrels, racks, pumps, bottlers, packaging equipment/ supplies, office equipment/furniture, and electronic production data forms, formulas and templates.

    -The finished spirits package includes barreled whisky, bourbon whisky, gin base and rum, along with bottled vodka and gin.

    -The branding package includes all approved labels and logo, branding iron, formulas and website.

    Interested parties may view the photos of the still, barrels and product at the photobucket page, click:

    Interested parties should contact Ron at Ron can send out a package list and pricing with a deal if multiple packages are purchased.

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    still for sale

    Do you still have it?

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