Fossil Cove Brewing Co., located in Fayetteville, AR is seeking a bartender/brand representative. This position requires excellent customer service, knowledge and passion for craft beer, positive outlook, a drive to educate customers and self- improvement in craft beer.

If interested please send your resume and cover letter to:

Job Description: Bartender, Brand Representative

Daily Duties, Functions, Responsibilities:
• Represent the Fossil Cove brand and culture
• Provide excellent customer service
• Educate customers about craft beer and Fossil Cove product
• Effectively use P.O.S system
• Maintain cleanliness standards
• Represent Fossil Cove at off-site events
• Accomplish other tasks as needed

Skills/Experience desired:
• Excellent Customer Service
• Cicerone Certified Beer Server
• Knowledge of craft beer styles and process
• Interest in sensory analysis
• Ability to lift heavy objects, +50lbs, safely
• Drive to expand craft beer knowledge
• Passion for craft products and getting involved in local communities

Schedule: Part-time, Weekday evenings and Weekend day/evenings

Fossil Cove is a Craft Brewery located in Fayetteville, AR. Fayetteville is located in the Ozark Mountains, home to the University of Arkansas (approx. 30,000 enrollment), an excellent outdoor recreation, arts and emerging food culture. Consistently named as one of the best towns in the U.S. This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to begin or expand on a career in Craft Beer, growth opportunities available. Find more info on Fossil Cove and Fayetteville here: