Hi all,

We're a non-beer startup who may co-pack occasionally for small beer startups in the area, but primarily we'll be making a green tea product as the bulk of our production on our system.

We're looking at some super small RO systems. We can't spend a lot on a large system, and I'm not quite sure we need one anyways. We're going to have a 3bbl tank that we can run max twice a day (our labor capacity bottleneck for the first few months). This would be our "overnight success" if we hit this capacity for our product.

Any suggestions? We're looking at some small hydroponic systems and house systems. Basically just looking to filter out everything, since we do not need anything in our water and would prefer not for our own product (any potential co-packing clients will just have to take into account what they'll need to add for their water profile). All of the smallest commercial systems are still much to big and expensive for us at this point, and we usually have suppliers trying hard to upsell us every time, so I'd like to avoid that and see what you all have to recommend at this point.