Denver Beer Co is hiring a Brewer to work with our brew team and help take us to the next level. Our vision for the Denver Beer Co brew team is to brew the best beer in the world. We have a 7 bbl brewhouse and barrel aging program at our Platte St brewery and a 30 bbl brewhouse at our Canworks brewery. We are also currently building a 7 bbl brewhouse at our soon to open Olde Town Arvada location. We believe in investing whatever it takes to make great beer. In five years we have brewed many diverse beer styles and are always experimenting with new ones! Now we are looking for a new brewer to compliment our needs. At Denver Beer Co. we are entrepreneurs, we are imaginative, and we figure out ways to get it done. We need a person who can jump right in. Think you’re up to the challenge?
Who we are looking for:
Do you dream of beer and brewing?
Do you understand the importance of SOPs and consistency?
Can you handle working in a fast paced environment and still maintain attention to detail?
Can you communicate with other brewers about lauter times, water temperatures, and yeast health effectively?
Are you the type of person who sees errors and gets excited about fixing them?
Do you ask questions when you don’t know the answer?

This is a dream job for the ideal candidate. We are looking for a self-starter with experience in both working with other brewers and working autonomously. This is a process oriented job and, while mistakes happen, you must be able to troubleshoot, correct, and learn from them. You must be energetic. We are passionate people with a lot of energy and are looking for a teammate to match our enthusiasm. You must be forward thinking and constantly be looking around the next turn. You must be technically sound. We want to make the best beer in the world and you are in charge of making beers that fit this standard. We need someone who will leave detailed directions for the team when on vacation, and communicate constantly with the rest of the production team. We are looking for you to help us move forward.


The idea behind Denver Beer Co is simple. Good beer is best enjoyed with friends, fresh air, and a bit of adventurous spirit to sharpen the palate. Serving only premium artisan ales and lagers, we utilize fresh ingredients and embrace both innovative and old world styles of beer. Similar to a farmer’s table, our beer selections change with the seasons.

Brew 4-10 batches/week.
Maintain a clean and organized working environment
Take meticulous notes and records on every aspect of the brewing process every time.
Manage 3 to 5 different yeast strains in order to keep them happy and healthy.
Run appropriate lab tests
Educate other team members about beer.
Communicate with the rest of the team about releases, plans, and projects
Brew the best beer in the world

Minimum of 2 years of professional brewing experience preferred.
Formal brewing education and recipe formulation experience preferred
Demonstrated experience in brewing high quality beers
Desire to build, enrich, and further define the quality reputation of Denver Beer Co.

We offer a very competitive wage and benefits package. To apply for this job please do the following:

Please write us a letter as to why you are the best fit for the culture of Denver Beer Co.
Please send us a recipe and brew notes of a beer of which you are proud.

Application letters should be sent to We will respond to applicants who resonate with our team and our culture.