Available early June 2017

Details –

This is the original brewhouse designed for Sunriver Brewing Company. The mash/lauter tun, kettle and brew deck were built in 2013 and the whirlpool vessel was built in 2016. The brewhouse has had over 900 brews run through it and has generated beer that garnered medals at both the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival.

• (1) 15 bbl insulated and steam jacketed mash/lauter tun (manufactured by PKW)
• (1) 15 bbl insulated and steam jacketed kettle (manufactured by PKW)
• (1) 15 bbl insulated whirlpool (manufactured by Mark’s)
• (1) Thermaline heat exchanger
• (1) 2.0 HP mash/lauter tun pump
• (1) 3.0 HP kettle/WP pump
• (1) Brew deck w/ stairs
• (1) Grist hydrator
• (1) Custom control panel w/ frequency drives for pumps
• (1) Custom grant
• Custom process piping - including manifolds for water delivery, CIP, valves, sight glasses, etc.

Decommissioning is scheduled for early June 2017. Asking price of $90,000. Buyer is responsible for all crating, transportation and delivery costs.

Interested parties please contact brett@sunriverbrewingcompany.com

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