We had a great time at the CBC last week and enjoyed many conversations with people in various positions within their breweries. One theme we came across was that some people are experiencing a disconnect in communication between different departments. When sales and production are not in sync, sales opportunities can be lost or efficiency can be affected. Are you experiencing this in your brewery?

BrewPlanner’s clear interface makes it really easy to see what is being brewed and packaged and when. Using BrewPlanner as a communication tool during weekly meetings with the sales-forecasting person and the person in charge of the production schedule can assure that all departments are on the same page and that the delicious brews being fermented in the tanks are the same style of delicious brews that are being awaited at the other end. If an order gets changed to a different style of beer this viability can be easily checked and changes can be made on the dashboard with a few clicks. BrewPlanner also makes it easy to see what the consequences of certain changes may be, allowing you to be proactive as opposed to reactive.

Let us know if you would like help in implementing this instrumental communication tool in your brewery. www.brewplanner.com.

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