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Thread: any written plolicy w/distributors about freshness/rotation

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    any written plolicy w/distributors about freshness/rotation

    I was wondering if any other breweries have written policy with distributors regarding rotation of stock in on/off premise stores. We have been doing inspections of displays and even at our distributors warehouses and checking dates on cans and kegs. We have found some 8 month old stock on display on end caps and in other various area. I was curious how others have dealt with this and if it has been successful
    Mike Eme
    Cheboygan Brewery
    Cheboygan Michigan

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    Quality and Freshness

    Hi Beerguy,
    As the retail shelves become more crowded, freshness is becoming a bigger issue. Did you include freshness and quality language in your wholesaler agreement? If not, you can still supply the wholesaler with a freshness and product rotation policy. The bigger issue may be your supply chain process (sales projections, production planning, inventory on hand and sell-through). We can help you look at your supply chain process to ensure you are producing at a rate that matches demand. The best cure for freshness issues is either better production planning and inventory management, or even better, increased sales.

    Feel free to give me a call at 636-209-1807 or e-mail me at

    Gary Prindiville Jr.
    CEO Prindiville & Associates, LLC & TTB Helper, LLC
    You make the beer, we'll take care of the paperwork.

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