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Thread: Adjusting Mash pH

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    Adjusting Mash pH

    Was working with some local malts from a farm (just simple 2-row pale) in a recent brew of a pale ale. The water chemistry spreadsheet I use calculated for a different type of pale malt, so my acidification for the mash was a bit off and I ended up with a higher mash pH than I am used to. I guess I am wondering what the outcome of the beer will be with the higher (5.5) mash pH and how I can go about adjusting the mash pH during the mashing process. I usually will let the wort recirculate for roughly 10-15 mins and then cool the wort before testing my pH. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I'd have to double check, but last I read an ideal mash pH for amylaze activity is 5.3-5.5, whereas 5.0-5.2 is ideal for post boil wort pH and yeast activity. You should be fine.

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