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Thread: any Hamilton Beverly users using can piercer?

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    any Hamilton Beverly users using can piercer?

    We have a Hamilton Beverly DO meter that is great for measuring tanks, however we are having trouble successfully using the zahm can piercer with it to get an accurate TPO reading, the fittings on the Beverly are all designed for large 8mm ID tubing and we can't seem to get a sample without breakout in the lines between the piercer and Beverly. I'm in contact with the distributor regarding changing the inlet fitting on the Beverly to accept a small diameter tubing to reduce breakout, however they don't have a solution at present. Anyone out there using this thing to measure their cans with success that could share some tips?

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    I would be curious to learn from your findings. We just took delivery of the same setup but haven't pierced any cans yet. Works great on the tanks. Please forward any info to my email or post here.

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    To some extent it should be possible to control gas breakout by adjusting the forcing pressure applied onto the piercer and the flow-rate/back-pressure at the meter's outlet.

    If this isn't effective please feel free to send a photo of the fittings to us at:

    and we'll be happy to see what we can suggest. It may be possible to use a push-fit tube adapter to connect smaller tubing. Standard size for Orbisphere, etc. is 1/4"/6mm o.d.

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    Try shortening the hose length. See the below picture.

    It typically take 2 "burner" cans/bottles before the unit is flushed and a stable, accurate reading can be obtained.
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