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Thread: YCH Resinate Question

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    YCH Resinate Question

    So I am experimenting with the mosaic resinate product from YCH ( have a dozen cans) and was wondering if anyone could give me a basic conversion of oz/grams of the resin to oz of hops? I am trying to convert my pellet hop recipe...

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    The cans come in either 150gm of AA or 300 gm of AA, typical efficiency is 35% for a 60 minute addition. You don't need to do a hop oz to resinate oz conversion because you already know how much AA you have, just calculate the total AA into the brew with the efficiency percentage, volume of the batch and either 150 or 300 for the total weight of AA.

    YCH has some calculators on their website for this too.

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    Easy conversion

    I ballpark at 2.5 lbs of Mosaic per 150 gma tin. Honestly, if you are not buttering solely I wouldn't really pay too much attention to efficiency. Here is he math I use to get this:
    2.5 lbs x 454grams/lb x .13%AA= 148 grams of alpha

    I've used this approximation for quite some time, and it works well for aroma varieties. As you can see from the above equation, the lbs approximation really all depends on the alpha of the variety. Cheers

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