I have been in the brewing industry for 9 years now, with almost all of that being in a head brewer position. I have worked on various systems ranging from 7bbl up to 30bbl, designing SOPs from scratch for 3 different systems. I started my brewing career in Colorado where I worked in the industry for 3 years until I got the opportunity to help open a brewery out in Northern California. That brewery grew to 10,000bbl/yr and won several national awards (GABF/WBC medals). Throughout my career I dragged my wife around the country following my jobs, but it was time I returned the favor so I followed her back to Colorado.

I am looking largely for a brewpub to run, but I am always looking to learn from brewers I respect to expand my knowledge so working as a brewer on a talented team would be amazing as well.

My passion for beer largely lies in the hoppy styles (IPA, double IPA, pale ale), sessionable lagers (pilsners and helles), roasty beers (RIS, porters, schwarzbier) and saisons (particularly with brett). I have extensive experience with recipe creation, testing, tweaking, and ingredient management. I have won national medals for porters, IPAs and rye pale ale.

I have experience with building out two breweries, helping design layouts and floor plans to maximize work flow. I designed every SOP for 3 different breweries, from hot side brewing all the way down to cellar procedures, keg washing procedures etc.

So if you are looking for a person to head up your brewpub or looking for an experienced brewer to join your production brewery team, I can bring a lot of experience and passion to your brewery. Cheers!