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Thread: anyone buy barrels from country connection?

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    anyone buy barrels from country connection?

    we recently just bought some barrels from country connection, received two barrels that didnt have bungs at all, one of which had some sort of water in the bottom (about a liter). the other barrels all had really cheap plastic dixie cup looking bungs in them. We had planned to fill them with a 12% Imperial Stout, Im thinking we are going to do a hot water soak in all of them for an hour or two (185 degrees), and maybe not even use the one that had standing water in it. any thoughts on this? is this standard operations for barrel brokers?

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    Not at all standard. Any barrel arriving from a reputable broker should have "something" covering the bung hole to prevent drying and foreign objects from entering. Paper cups are not uncommon, especially if the barrels were gassed with SO2 before shipping. Sometimes you might even see duct or masking tape. We always recommend a water leak test before filling with precious beer. The one with liquid in it should scare you as standing water can be a breeding ground for bacteria. A good barrel cleaner/conditioner should get it back in usable shape. We recommend Logic's Barrel OxyFresh.

    Hope that helps.


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