Purchased late 2015, but never used. Available immediately, B.O.

Year: 2015
Make: Distilla
Model: KPD - 300
Volume of still boiler: 300L
Total Volume: 400L
Input power of mixer: .55KW
Input power of vacuum pump: 4KW
Assumed amount of distillate 50-70% of ethanol: 30L Max consumption of of cooling water in 24hrs: 4 m3/h Cooling water supply max. 15C: 3/4 / 2 inch / bar Unit dimensions: 3.6 x 3.3 x 3.4
Weight: 850 kg
Consumption of el. Energy in 24 hrs: 16 kWH
Wiring: 3PE, 60Hz, 220V

Please contact brett.stevenson@muskokabrewery.com for additional information.