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Thread: Pall Supradisc II filter grade?

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    Pall Supradisc II filter grade?

    We're brewing mostly lagers and have been using a Pall 16" 2 high lenticular filter with 900 grade modules for 30bbl batches. I'm adding biofine to the fermenter at the end of lagering, waiting about a week for it do drop clearer (not by much), then filtering. It seems that the clarity is hit or miss and I'm having to put more biofine in the brite tank to get the beers clear enough.

    I'm thinking I should be using a tighter grade module. If you're filtering lagers with a Pall lenticular and getting crystal clear beer and not extremely frustrated, what are you using for filters?
    Chris Enegren

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    What's your procedure for adding the biofine to the fermenter?

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    test the dosing rates of the biofine and use the proper amount for each batch. Too little or too much will give inconsistent and potentially detrimental results. It's not a case of adding more will clear better.

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    The majority of what we brew are lagers, and we use a Pall Supradisc II as a polishing filter post-centrifuge. We use the K200 modules (pretty tight filter, but we want our lagers crystal clear). We tried K300 modules, but they weren't quite tight enough for our liking.

    Also, we've never had any luck using biofine with our lagers. No matter how we've tried dosing it (and we've tried many, many dosing methods), biofine doesn't touch our lager yeast (German Bock Lager). I would save the biofine and switch to tighter filter modules on your SDII.

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