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Thread: Barrel supplier in the Midwest (Chicago)

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    Barrel supplier in the Midwest (Chicago)

    Hello All,
    I am looking for a barrel supplier/broker in the Midwest, near Chicago-land.

    We are looking for everything we can get our hands on,* I would like to focus on wine and port along with other spirts beside bourbon and whiskey, although I still will be using them as well. Right now I am in a production cycle right now and based on my current schedule we could start filling the wood the first week of August and I would like to receive the first truckload.

    We are looking to fill 60 to 90 bbls at a time. could be monthly but I am shooting for twice a month depending on my production schedule. Our goal is to fill around 300 wood barrels (+/-) by the end of sept. and then from there, around 20 to 40 a month until the end of the year.

    Mark Duchow
    Short Fuse Brewing Co.
    Schiller Park, IL

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    Rocky Mountain Barrel Company has you covered.

    Hey Mark,

    Just called your Brewery and chatted with somebody there. I'm going to email you our current availability and pricing list to check out. There's some good stuff on there. We can definitely help you with all your barrel needs.

    We've got quality Bourbon and Whiskey that can ship direct from our KY partners. Then we've got quality Rum, Tequila, Scotch, Red and White Wine barrels in Denver ready to ship out.

    Hit me up with any questions!

    Rocky Mountain Barrel Company
    Phone: 720-523-0361

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