I have two new 15BBL jacketed bright tanks and one new 15BBL jacketed fermenter. They are both new from Annabel (never been used). While the facility I am looking to lease will fit these items I would rather start with all 7BBL hardware to get things off the ground now that I know my space requirements. That said I am looking in Colorado for someone who is looking to upgrade to a 15 BBL system and looking for 15BBL hardware. Ultimately I am looking to trade these items for at least two jacketed 7BBL fermenters and two jacketed 7BBL brite tanks and if there is a delta on either side of the deal we can make it up in cash. I prefer Colorado since that makes it easy to inspect your hardware as well as delivery but I am open to other options. I'd be willing to sell also but I would rather trade as that would save both parties time. Photos and drawings of all the hardware can be found at the google drive link below. Please let me know if you are interested or have any questions.


Frederick, Colorado