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Thread: Locations available in Beaverton Oregon

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    Locations available in Beaverton Oregon

    The city of Beaverton is seeking entrepreneur partners who would like to open breweries, brewpubs, taprooms and restaurants. Beaverton is adjacent to Portland, Oregon and is home to 2.4 million residents with an average household income of 65,000

    The city is forming a master plan which will create cultural corridors in target neighborhoods and enterprise zones. The goal respects historic architecture while developing new parking and high density mixed-use residency.

    For select business partners there are generous grants and tax abatements available for prime real estate ideal for breweries, brewpubs or taprooms. The City of Beaverton has partnered with Brewery Consultant Group to act as a liaison between prospective entrepreneurs, developers and the city to help expedite any permits or plans. Beaverton recognizes how crucial timelines are during any startup or buildout and is committed to working with entrepreneurs quickly, diligently, and efficiently

    Beaverton and it's permit departments are highly motivated to help grow and expand it's culture and offer more destinations for it's residents. For more information please call or text 503-353-6368 or email

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