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Thread: Used kegs all sizes

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    Used kegs all sizes

    These have all been cleaned and pressure checked. We guarantee they will not leak at delivery.
    Branding varies on all kegs. Sankey "D" spears on all kegs. Please refer to pictures below.

    1/2bbls $55ea
    50L's $45 - SOLD OUT!!!!
    1/4bbls $40
    1/6bbls $35

    $3.00 off on orders over 200pcs.

    These Kegs will all ship from our Florida Warehouse.

    Call 541-508-5218 or visit for a quick quote or to get current available numbers.Name:  30567.jpg
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    50 L sold out 1/2 bbls and 1/6 bbls still going

    The 50 L kegs are gone.

    We still have a good supply of 1/2 bbls and 1/6 bbls.

    $3 off on orders over 200 units

    Contact us for a quick quote

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