Millers and Saints Distillery is stopping production. We are selling all equipment, all bottled and barreled spirits and the brand. Everything for $175,000. This pricing does not include delivery.* We will be posting on e-bay soon.
The owner/distillers at Millers and Saints Distillery of Saint Louis Park, MN are moving out of the spirits business and focusing on other aspects of the beverage industry. As a result, we have a complete distilling package, a finished spirits package, and a branding package for sale.
-The distilling package includes a 300gal ss/copper steam jacketed pot still with 14 plate copper column by Global Stainless and all the associated buckets, tanks, measurement equipment, barrels, racks, pumps, bottlers, packaging equipment/ supplies, office equipment/furniture, and electronic production data forms, formulas and templates.
-The finished spirits package includes barreled whisky, bourbon whisky, gin base and rum, along with bottled vodka and gin. Still/Column set up requires a 14 foot clearance.
-The branding package includes all approved labels and logo, branding iron, formulas and website.
-Individual packages or individual item can be purchased.*
Ron Olney. Distiller **
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