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Thread: Tankless heaters to heat HLT

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    Mt: We keep the HLT at 185, the max for our Rinnais--or I should say we try to.

    The Rinnai C199 also has the internal restriction valve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyT View Post
    Our HLT is not pressurized, it's open to ambient. I've got a couple factory tech contacts, I'll dig them up and PM them to you. I think our biggest hurdle in setting the thing up was getting out of the mindset of "I'll have a big tank of 185F water" and into the mindset of "I'll have a big tank of water that my heaters can get up to 185 as I need it"
    We use Takagi in our brewhoue and have grown to love them. This comment really resonated with me. Once we entered this state of mind, the heater found a new place on the brew day.

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