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Thread: Portland Kettle Works 3bbl System FOR SALE

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    Portland Kettle Works 3bbl System FOR SALE

    This system has been really good to us and
    Portland Kettle Works is a great company to work with. I talked with
    Joe Watzig from PKW about us selling this and he wanted me to include
    this into the offer to whomever buys this system from us, that PKW
    will still be there to assist you with any issues if any arise down
    the road. We will also make sure all things are updated and working correctly and cleaned to Dept. Of Agriculture standards. Here is a list of what comes with the 3bbl. It will be
    completely turn-key for the next owner.
    - 3bbl - 3 Kettle brewstation - American Made - HLT, MT, BK - All
    stainless steel and Control Station
    - 3 Burners - 175,000btu w/ manual or auto shutoff
    - Hose kit - Newer
    - Butterfly valves - used
    - Clamps - used
    - NO gaskets (you'll want new ones anyways)
    - Thermowells for probe sensors
    - Hop basket for BK
    - Qty.2 - SS Lids for - MT and HLT
    - Probe Sensors for MT and HLT
    - Sight Glass w/ new filter
    - NSF SS Condensate/Vapor Hood for Brewstation - Comes with Exhaust Fan which I bought new in 2013!
    - CS-19 Thermaline Plate Chiller on cart - crashes 3bbl of wort at 68F-70F in about 35-45min.
    - CPE - C100MD - 1HP Portable Pump - 115v

    TOTAL: $28,000 or reasonable B/O
    Buyer is responsible for shipping/crating expenses from Buffalo, MN 55313
    Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks
    Pugs Hayes
    Hayes' Public House
    Email me for more pics or infoName:  FB_IMG_1430929687929.jpg
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    *You can check out a time laps brewing video on our YouTube channel as well...we've since upgraded our ferm tanks get to see the 3bbl in action.
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    Do you have any 3 BBL fermenters/brites as well - by chance?
    Wages Brewing Company
    West Plains, Missouri
    The Middle of Nowhere Never Tasted So Good!

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    How big of a physical space does it take up?

    How big of a physical space does it take up?

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    Still available? We are very interested...

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    Do you plan to respond to your PM's?

    Just trying to find out if you plan on returning messages of interest and possible sale.


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