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The St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency, (“SLCIDA”) is seeking buyers of certain Micro-Brewery Equipment (“Brewery”) from the Former St. Lawrence Brewing Company located at 19 Commerce Lane, Canton, New York 13617.
The Agency is in possession of the facility, equipment and miscellaneous items, (“Brewery”) and is seeking proposals for the purchase of the Brewery Equipment and its Removal from our building in the Canton Industrial Park. Offers to purchase all of the equipment are being sought for individual and small lots. This Second portion consists of all remaining items. The second round consists in part of the following, sold individually:
• 15 Barrel Brewhouse, 30bbl Fermenting/Conditioning Tanks, Grain Silo, Grain Mills, Pumps, Chilling System, Pilot Batch System, Refrigerators, Freezer, Fork Lift, Pallet Jacks, Tables, Chairs and much more.
• Contact for a listing

The Agency will also entertain proposals for lease to own of the equipment for operations within St. Lawrence County. Bidders interested in moving the equipment to an out-of-St. Lawrence County location will need to purchase the equipment outright (no leases of the equipment will be available for non-St. Lawrence County locations).

The sale will take place on site October 31, 2017 beginning at 10am. Buyers are to be prepared to leave a 10% non-refundable (for the winning bidder) deposit at the time of the sale. The balance to be paid and purchases removed within ten days of the sale.

For those that can’t be on site for the sale, offers and 10% deposits can be made ahead of time, until 3pm October 30, 2017. The highest of these early offers will be the starting price of the sale.

Potential Buyers are encouraged to schedule an inspection of the items to ensure they fully understand what they are offering to buy. Please contact the Contracting Officer, Richard Williams or 315-379-9806 to schedule an appointment.

The St. Lawrence County IDA reserves the right to reject any and all offers and waive informalities if, in its opinion, such action is in the best interest of the Agency.
“The property involved in this sale may be subject to a lien of another creditor who is subordinate to the IDA. The successful bidder’s funds will be held in non-interest bearing escrow by the attorney for the IDA until such time as the IDA obtains a discharge of any such liens at its effort and expense.” This will not affect the bidder’s ability to take their purchases.

For further information contact, Richard Williams at (315) 379-9806 or


Brewery Equipment List:
• 15 Barrel Brewhouse
o Grain Hopper
o 15 Barrel Lauter Tun (Mash Tun)
o Combined Boil Kettle / Whirlpool
o Scale
o Hot Liquor Tank
• 30 Barrel (1,260 gal) Fermenting / Conditioning Tanks
o Six have buckled walls from over-pressurized glycol jacket
o Two are undamaged
• Grain Silo and Mill (Farm Boy Ag #1005116) 28.46 Ton
• Grain Mills
o ½ HP
o Ύ HP
o Stretch Flex Auger
• Transfer Pumps
o Baldor Reliance 3 HP 230/460 volt
o Baldor Reliance 5 HP 230/460 volt
• Bottle Fill Table
• Carry Cap Press
• Transfer Hoses
o 1 ½”
• Misc Stainless Fittings
• Dump Hopper
• Glycol Cooling System
o Pro Chiller Systems (PMA5F1H404ASP) and large glycol tank
• Pilot Batch System
o Blichmann 18 gallon brew pots
• Commercial Stove
o 24” Natural Gas
• Refrigerators
o Igloo (FR-280
o Beverage Air (UR30G)
o Kenmore (253.60722012)
o Kenmore Freezer (253.23724100)
• Various Lab equipment, miscellaneous parts, material and equipment.
o McBain Instruments Microscope
o Milwaukee Dissolved Oxygen Meter (MW600)
o Centrifugal Machine (800-1)
• Forklift and Charger (needs battery work)
o Crown Series 3000 Type “E” (RC3020-30)
• Tables and Chairs
o Several Tables and chairs/stools
• Foosball Table
• 46” TV Westinghouse
• Caulk Board 10’ x 4’
• Keg Refrigerator W/ 3Taps
• Bar – L Shaped approximately 14’ x 7’ built in place
• Stainless single bay sink
• Stainless Tables
o 48” x 29” (1)
o 24” x 24” (2)
• Product Rack 24” x 18” x 64”
• Various brewery and tap room furnishings
o Tap Room Smalls ___
• iPad Mini (Locked)
• Cash drawer and receipt printer
• Desk
• Computers (2) & Printer
• Shelving Units 36” x 14” x 36” (5)
• Shelving Units misc (4)
• Pallet Racks (2)
• Pallet Jacks
o Interthor Straddle Lift (LFS 1001/890)
o Uline (H1366)
• Gas Grill – Grill Zone (6650-T)
• Cases of 750ml Bottles – (90 cases, 1080 bottles)
• 8 pack Can Carriers (88 cases)
• Glycol in reinforced tote
• Thermoheat Propane Heater 70-125,000 BTU
• Carboys (4)
• File Cabinet
• Ultra Klene Detergent (2 cases)
• Ultra Dry (2 cases)
• Air Compressor Craftsman 165 (921.165720)
• Loft Ladder 20” x 8’
• Portable Coolers
o Coleman Xtreme 5
o Metal unit on wheels
• Soleus Air Dehumidifier (CFM25E)
• Microwave Sharp (R-230KW)