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Thread: 10 bbl Copper Clad Newlands Brewhouse - $40,000 obo

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    10 bbl Copper Clad Newlands Brewhouse - $40,000 obo

    We are selling our used 10bbl Newlands Brew system that includes an over-sized boil kettle, insulated mash tun, manifold with two pumps, a chiller, and a grist hydrator attachment. Basically you would need some hoses, fittings, and a boiler to have this beautiful brewhouse operational. We purchased this used with plans to install, but due to space constraints and some unfortunate laws in our state surrounding used boiler installation we have decided to go direct fire. This is a rare find. 1996 Newlands, Canadian-made, quality brew system. It has been pressure tested and is also copper clad. Would be a great 10bbl system for someone looking to get started. A brewery friend in our town has this same system and it is a true workhorse. Its hard to find equipment that was made to this standard these days even though you may find cheaper stuff manufactured in China. Asking price is NOW 40K for the entire system and that price is negotiable as we need to make space for our direct fire system ASAP. We may consider selling off individually but would prefer to sell as a package. Call Matt at Seven Seven Five - 303-3385 or email matt at for more details.

    The mash tun is 4'6" in diameter and 5' high. The boil kettle is 6' in diameter and 7' high. The manifold/chiller unit is approximately 4' w X 3' L and stands about 5' tall at the highest point. The manway on the mashtun is 22" from the ground. The boil kettle is steam jacketed and holds pressure. The mashtun is insulated but not steam jacketed. There is no platform or brewdeck included with this system (we panned to building something ourselves).Name:  newlands-3.jpg
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    Is this still available? If so please email

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    if this is still available

    Please call if available 812-583-4410 or email

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    Is this system still available? Please send additional info to

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