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Thread: Consultant with 15 years in Brewery Development and Expansion

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    Consultant with 15 years in Brewery Development and Expansion

    I have been working in craft beer primarily in the Unites States and Canada, with the occasional client in Mexico, India and Belize. I concan help take your brewery from a hope & a dream to expansion and multiple state/province distribution.
    We will work remotely through skype, slack, drive, etc to keep costs low and offer total flexibility for you and your team.
    If you just need a couple phones calls to bounce ideas around or take you through the whole process, I'm here to help you make great beer.

    Services Offered:
    Business Plan Development
    Vendor Negotiation
    Liquor Control/ TTB/Canada Revenue/IRS Assistance
    Sales and Marketing Material
    Staff Training Material
    Design and Layout
    Really, whatever you need

    Please email me at, message me through Steele Craft Consulting on Facebook, or just give me a call 323-325-3084

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    Thank you for supporting

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