Automatic Keg Washers - by brewers for brewers


100% USA made.

All stainless valves! All stainless frame body!

Automatic PLC operated. Rinse, Wash, Rinse, Sani, Co2 purge. Cleans up to 24 kegs per hour. Easy to use control. Only one button to push to clean again. Cleans all size of kegs and can clean more than one size at a time.

Specifications / Utilities:
• Keg Washer Supports any size kegs
• On casters for easy movement
• Approximate dimensions - 26” D x 36” W x 48”
• Electrical – 120v, 60 Hz, 14 Amp
• Water – 20 GPM supply @ 40-60 PSI
• CO2 – requires regulator @ 20 PSI
• Cleaners – low foaming cleaner, suitable sanitizers
• Two knobs that adjust length of wash and sani

There are keg washer pictures at

one head $5500
two head $7000
three head $8800

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