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Thread: Fermenters from Simplified Stainless Systems

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    Fermenters from Simplified Stainless Systems

    Simplified Stainless Systems, based in Victoria, British Columbia, supplies the highest quality fermenters and bright tanks. Up to 300 barrels in size. Our vessels are designed for 15 psi working pressures with glycol jackets rated at 30 psi. All tanks have a 2b inside finish and internal welds are polished to 180 grit. Outdoor tanks are available as well. Vessels come with a standard 2 year warranty.

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    Whether you need a complete system or just fermenters and brights, Simplified Stainless is your best choice for brewing equipment. Call us today at 250-889-5645 or email to request a quote.


    Blaine Clouston
    Simplified Stainless Systems

    p. 250-889-5645

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