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Thread: FS: Miura Boiler 100BHP

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    FS: Miura Boiler 100BHP

    Hello all,

    We got a Miura boiler for sale, a LX100SG = 100 BHP, it's a new recondition boiler, it has a brand new pressure vessel (basically the soul of the boiler) and the rest of the components are used, the panels have been repainted to look like new, boiler has been recondition by us in Burner Combustion Systems, we are Miura reps, and have been for the past 12 years, so we know what we are selling and the condition of it.

    We are located in Houston, TX but we can ship anywhere.

    Here is my contact information:
    Cell: 713-724-9682


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    Ad renewal Bump

    Thank you for supporting

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