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Thread: czech mini breweries - Mill

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    czech mini breweries - Mill

    We are looking at buying a new mill for our 7bbl system, and have received a good quote from czech mini breweries for their MM-503EWR Malt mill 500 kg/h. When we asked them for pictures of the mill rollers they sent these pics;
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    We have never seen rollers like this before and would like to know if anyone has used czech mini breweries mills before or has used rollers in a mill like these before?

    Thanks in advance

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    Those are ridiculously large flutes on their rollers. When I looked at this I was convinced they are designed for crushing grain for farmers to feed their cattle / chickens etc. and decided there really are not suitable as the degree of fine control is absent. They also didn't appear to be particularly dust proof.

    Personally I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole

    I have used and seen other sites use Alan Ruddock mills - They are absolutely bomb proof and dust free. Ruddocks also do conveyor systems - normally their own chain and flight type, but the brewery nearest me uses one of the 2 roll mills and mashes in directly as milled with a screw auger Ruddocks set up - with very good results.

    I realise these are going to cost considerably more than the CMB ones, but having seen the results, both of the grind and the extract performance, a good mill is worth spending extra on.

    I haven't seen one in use, but Bulk Storage and Process Systems, also UK based make a solid looking mill and grain / grist handling plant (probably more interest to UK viewers) - but I cannot recommend them at present - simply because I haven't seen one in action or used one.

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    I'm with Dick...

    Ruddock mills are great equipment. So is RMSn in the US, which is similarly bombproof and a joy to work with. But for a small budget in a very small brewery, I would buy a Robix. Reliable and well-made without breaking the bank.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--

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