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Thread: To make starter directly in FV and transfer on top or to prop in a separate vessel?

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    To make starter directly in FV and transfer on top or to prop in a separate vessel?

    What is yall's opinions on do a 3 bbl prop in a 20 bbl FV and transfer on top, or is it better to prop in a 3bbl vessel and collect the slurry and pitch in? Trying to figure out our next step with constantly propping up to 20P for our main beer.
    Nick Tanner
    Head Brewer/Founder
    Cherry Street Brewing Cooperative
    Cumming, GA

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    3 bbl propagation for 30-40 bbl. brews


    I'm looking for an answer to a similar question. I would like to know if you have success using 3 bbl. pitches and propagating them in your 20 bbl. FVs.
    We typically waste a lot of yeast because it can be a long time between brew days for us. We have 30-45 bbl. FVs.

    We also have several 6 bbl. tanks that would be OK for propagating, but the cones are not very steep so we have a hard time harvesting yeast from the bottom. I'd like to hear if we can use 100 gallons or so to prop up a 3 bbl pitch and then force all of that slurry into a 40 bbl. brew. I know this is not the best way, but maybe better than what we are doing now.

    thanks for any input.
    Scott Swygert
    Founder - Honky Tonk Brewing Co.

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    I routinely prop up 6bbl pitches to 60bbls in my 5bbl FVs. Brew into a 5bbl pilot tank with a scaled down version of the 30bbl production recipe. 24 hours later cell count is sufficient for 60bbls. Brew two 30bbl batches back to back- push the whole 5bbl tank into the 60 with the first 30bbl batch. I only aerate on the first 30bbl batch. Works great.

    If I don't have an open 5bbl tank, I'll put the prop batch in the cone of a 60bbl tank, but I prefer to put it in a 5bbl tank so I can control the temperature and it's easier to take a gravity/pH sample.
    Jonathan Newman
    The Virginia Beer Company
    Williamsburg, VA

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    Have done the prop in the larger vessel and pumped the big batch on top many times with good success. Never tried to harvest the yeast just brew something more neutral the day or two before and divert however much wort you need into the prop tank.

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    Transfer on top - Less risk with less transfers. I'd only prop separately if I needed the yeast before the large tank was empty, or if I was collecting yeast for more than one pitch. Just my $0.02

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