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    I found OAKWOODBARRELS.COM through Google on a Sunday 1/7/18. Website looks professional and I sent an inquiry through the website portal about decorative barrels for a project we are doing. Got an almost immediate response. I was a little surprised but pleased, wow these guys are hungry for business. I followed through with a cc order for two barrels the same day. Got a confirmation email, and was told when they are ready to ship I will get tracking information. I waited 3 days and asked for the tracking info and got this answer:

    If you have any questions you can contact the truck directly - Sammy (502)-265-5269. Please also leave a message with the company name or I believe you can text these guys. He will call back with an ETA as well for you.

    I've been texting and calling the phantom "Sammy" for days now, surprise! No responses!

    I googled further now that my suspicions are way up and saw they've been reported to the BBB since 2015 as a scam. MotherF@@ker! I searched this forum and could not find any mention of this company, good or bad.

    WARNING! These A-holes are ripping people off, DO NOT GET SWINDLED

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    a safe and local alternative


    We've heard stories about before. Unfortunately, they're not the only scammers in the barrel business.

    We stock and ship new and used oak barrels, casks and foudres from our warehouse outside of Philadelphia. We have decorative barrels in stock as well. We'd love to help you out if you have a need. Guaranteed no scamming.


    Keystone Fermentation Supply

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    I had a similar experience with them. Luckily, my bank backed me up and we were able to cancel the payment and get our account reimbursed. They are TOTAL scammers. Avoid at all costs.

    I've had good experiences with Rocky Mountain Barrel Co. and John Fearless. Both are excellent to deal with.

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    Wow. Googling their name brings up dozens of reports. Wondering if either of you filed a police report? Given how many reports of outright fraud there are, I am surprised they're still operating so brazenly.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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    Thanks for posting this. Its good to have others backs and warn each other about dumb stuff like this.

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    I cannot believe people are still getting scammed by these guys. Nobody seems to ever notice the computer rendering of barrels on their website. If they actually sold real barrels would they not have a photo of real barrels? you should google their street address if you want a laugh. they actually have google maps on their website that shows them smack in the middle of an intersection surrounded by churches.
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    The barrels section of the Milk the Funk Wiki has a list of legitimate barrel sellers as well as the scammers. I believe they try to keep it as up to date when new scammers come up/move to another domain name.

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    Hmmm Looks like the # is a LaGrange KY #. Not too far from me, Sammy's vm says another business name I can't quite make out. SDS or SGS. I looked for any biz in LaGrange with those letters, I am not seeing anything. I hate that these sob are here, I would like to find them and report them to the local pd
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