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Thread: Substitute for Galaxy??? possibly a blend?

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    Substitute for Galaxy??? possibly a blend?

    dusting off one of the favorite beers of mine that didnt make the shortened roster we've been on up to now. but now that its time to get it back on the list, we have the issue of not being able to afford the damn hops. Galaxy. ouch. and that's if you can even find them. total bummer.

    so wondering if anyone has been in the same boat and been able to come up with a decent substitute? the passion fruit is the part i figure would be hardest to match. C hops for grapefruit rind, lots of varieties give tropical flavors, but wondering if anyone has had success with mimicking galaxy pretty closely?

    i'm all ears.

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    Vic Secret from Australia is one of the closer matches out there. Burlington Beer Co. (for one) makes a fantastic all Vic NE IPA, quite similar to galaxy to my palette.

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    Galaxy Sub

    Agree with the Vic Secret comparison.

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    Otto Supreme Plus others

    I just made a NE IPA using Otto Supreme at shut off and in the whirlpool. I also dry hopped it twice with Mosaic, Azacca, and El Dorado. With just the Otto Supreme it had a nice light tropical smell, but with those dry hops the aroma of passion fruit and guava, and other tropical smells with just a slight citrus note.

    Might get you there as well.

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