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Thread: Rural Brewery Wastewater

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    Rural Brewery Wastewater

    I would like to start a small microbrewery in my barn.
    It has a floor drain and a seperate septic system.
    Municipal sewer is not available in my area.
    I will do my best to limit my discharge by composting, etc.
    Please offer any comments on this.

    Will I need some kind of expensive treatment plant?

    Will regular pumping of the septic tank be enough?

    I know I will have to approach the local health department eventually but I would like to gain as much knowledge as I can before that.

    Thanks in Advance.
    Andy Bishop
    Hope BC

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    Chemical waste

    Your biggest problem will be your cleaning chemicals. You should call a company like five star or loeffler to ask them about discharging chemicals into your septic. These aren't your average cleaners! I don't see a problem other than that. You can get rid of grain pretty easy out in the country and as long as you have a good boiler for heating up your water, you should be good to go. (Might want to have your water tested to see if you need to add anything to it!)

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    Rural Wastewater

    I have a barn that I am starting a brewery in and we have a DEP approved 3000 gallon poly tank that will be used to store our chemical waste. This tank is going to be pumped by a local treatment facility at $0.15/gallon. The heat exchanger water waste will be pumped directly back into the hot liquor tank and re-used. In Lancaster County Pennsylvania, a business can not use a home septic sewer as means for waste disposal. You may want to contact the proper authorities about using a septic system for industrial waste.

    Matthew Keasey
    President/Head Brewer
    Spring House Brewing Co.

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    Thanks for the Advice

    Thank you for your replies.
    I have had my water tested as I am on a 150 foot well.
    The water in the area is excellent. As a matter of fact Nestle has a large water bottling plant in the area.
    I am familiar with Five Star and they claim there products are "septic safe".
    My barn septic is a different from my house septic.
    Thank you for your replies.
    I hope there will be more.

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