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Thread: Isinglass Usage

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    Smile Isinglass Usage

    Howdy Hi All,
    What is the proper usage concentration of Isinglass in a 10bbl conditioning tank? I've been experimenting with various concentrations with so-so results. Whadda' ya' think?

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    Impossible to say exactly. The rate will vary according to the gravity, grist composition, mashing, wort runoff techniques, boil time, vigour and hop additions, wort mineral composition, yeast flocculence type, yeast and protein loading left in the beer at time of rack and fining. The use of copper finings at the end of the boil will reduce the amount of white finings required and produce a better (clearer) product.

    Suggest you set up a series of identical measuring cylinders, 250 ml are ideal. To each identical volume of beer, add different quantities of finings, based around what gives you a reasonable clarity now. Leave for 24 hours in a still, temperature controlled room. If this room is your temperature controlled cellar (i.e. you do not use individually chilled tanks), then it will best reflect the conditions. Suggest starting off about 0.8 % by volume, with variations either side.

    You are looking for the best combination of clarity and well compacted sediment. If you can get good compact sediment that does not stir up easily, but are still suffering poor clarity, then look at using copper finings. Set these up in a similar manner, based around the suppliers recommended dose rate, but leave to settle for 24 hours at ambient tempertature. Again you are looking for the best combination of clarity and compacted sediment.

    Hope this helps

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