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Thread: Bahamian Beer Soon Come

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    Bahamian Beer Soon Come

    New $15 million brewery set to open by end of year

    Always on “island time,” when the locals throughout the Caribbean gently suggest patience, they say “soon come.” On the island of the Bahamas, a new brewery is just around the corner. Local beer will soon come.

    A new $15 million brewery is slated to open in Freeport, Bahamas by the end of 2007.

    "We went straight to work when we got our license and building permits," said Jimmy Sands, president and owner of the brewery.

    Sands has hired Brewtech, from Hamburg, Germany, to oversee and build the brewery.

    The brewery will be approximately 60,000 square feet and is being constructed on 20 acres of land. The company stated that they plan to employ about 50 local Bahamians to start with.

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    Great to see some more Island brews popping up. Balashi, in Aruba, isn't anything special (an easy to drink light lager), but when its 100 degrees out and you've been snorkeling all day - it is perfect.

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