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Thread: Used French Oak Wine Barrels for Sale

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    Used French Oak Wine Barrels for Sale

    We just picked up a tractor trailer full of freshly dumped French Oak red wine barrels from a high scoring winery in Central Coast CA. What we have available is listed below. We also are purchasing the racks to fit each size which are also listed. These are high end french oak barrels with a mix of Teransaud, Mercier, Gamba and a few others. Barrels should arrive at our Maryland facility in approximately two weeks at which point we send out invoices. Feel free to email me at with interest. We have 500L barrels which are optimum for barrel souring but are keeping most. Could possibly part with a few. Could discount a bit with larger purchases. Thanks.

    (8) 350L barrels $300/ea
    (6) 300L barrels $265/ea
    (12) 265L barrels $240/ea
    (18) 228L barrels (standard size) $210/ea

    (15) 228L-265L barrel racks $115/ea
    (10) 300L-350L barrel racks $145/ea

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