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Thread: 1 BBL brewpub asset sale: brewing equipment, furniture, kegs, coolers

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    1 BBL brewpub asset sale: brewing equipment, furniture, kegs, coolers

    Location: Hendersonville, NC
    Contact information below for pictures and pricing.

    4 TV's
    1 BBL Brewery
    55 Gallon HLT
    55 Gallon Mash Tun
    55 Gallon Brew Kettle
    2 Pumps
    Test equipment
    5 gal Stainless Steel Tax Determination Tank
    4 48 Gal Fermemtors
    2 Filing Cabinets
    L shaped Desk
    Stainless Steel Work Table
    Ceiling Fans with Wireless Remote
    2 Library Tables 8 chairs
    8 Granite High Top Tables 16 Backless Stools
    15 Wooden upholstered big back bar stools
    2 wooded display shelves
    1 wooden book case
    1 wooden display table
    1 metal game shelf
    1 couch
    1 granite table
    1 desk chair
    1 church pew
    1 sliding door cooler
    16 sanke kegs
    18 cornelius kegs
    desk top adding machine
    stainless steel glass shelving unit
    wireless router
    CO2 gas line
    6 tap 72 inch true air keg cooler
    5 tap 95 inch beverage air keg cooler
    3 tap 68 inch True air bottle cooler keg cooler
    2 fire extinguishers
    mop bucket
    grain storage bins
    draft line cleaning equipment
    misc keg couplers
    misc draft faucets

    Kelly Foster
    Small Business Lender
    Ph: 828-253-2834 X21
    Mobile : 828-545-9164
    Fax: 828-255-7953
    153 S. Lexington Avenue
    Asheville, NC 28801

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