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    Data Visualization Services | Octant

    Octant Data Visualization

    Are you lost in a sea of line items sent to you from your distributor?
    Are you having trouble finding trends and simple product mixes in huge data sets?
    Do you have a distributor meeting coming up where you need information to be digested quickly?

    Data sets aren’t getting smaller as your company grows, the ability to tell your data story is critical. Engaging in effective communication of data visually increases retention times and the ability to simplify complex data sources. With 7 years of analytical salesexperience in craft beer, we are your alternative to expensive depletion tracking software. Whether it's 5 slides for distributor presentation or deep insights to every distribution channel laid out, we are here to help. Projects big and small are welcome.

    | what we do |
     Utilize design tools and software to develop creative custom presentations and templates with data provided
     Consults with clients to proactively makes suggestions for data layout, charts, aesthetics and clarity
     Acts as a subject matter expert on software and tools related to data delivery, particularly in PowerPoint and other potential tools for delivering data to clients
     Provides talking points to the data so client can effectively present “their story”
     Ability to map selling regions, accounts, and territories overlaid on to US Census Data
     Portfolio of work available upon request
    | how we work |
     All data shared is protected under a non-disclosure agreement
     Throughout the design window, drafts are sent to client for approvals and suggestions. This is the clients story to tell and we want them involved as much as they want to be.
     Final presentation is presented to client with talking points to each presentation

    Please contact us at
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