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Thread: Quarry tile questions...

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    Quarry tile questions...

    We're getting ready to purchase quarry tile for our brewery floor. My current brewery has 6"x6" quarry tile squares that have held up pretty well. While deciding what to buy for our new place, I'm wondering if anyone can give feedback on the pros and cons of 12"x12" squares, and whether smooth or coarse is most appropriate.


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    Quarry tiles

    6x6 quarry tiles might well be better than 12x12 as they will point load better under your vessels and be less likely to crack.

    Use a top quality tile adhesive and equally importantly an epoxy tile grout.

    ps I think they look better when laid in a brick bond rather than in straight lines


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    Use the highest quality epoxy grout you can get. I wish they had used epoxy grout when they laid the tile in my brewery, now tiles pop up all over the place.

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    Small, non abrasive, epoxy grout, mud set

    Looked at quarry tile in depth when building a brewery in the US and not being familiar with the product as I am from Europe.
    Had aced test and impact test performed on the product prior to install.

    Quarry tile is definitely the way to go in a brewery. Keeps up nicely.
    Size: 6x6: when dropping hoses, couplings, ... 6x6 are less likely to break
    Non abrasive: the abrasive version will accumulate dirt over time leading to infections. The smooth ones will not be slippery, especially if you combine them with good shoes (
    Epoxy grout: yes, yes, yes, yes
    Floor installation: Makse sure to get a good slope in your floor. Talk to your contractor about mud-set vs. thin-set. With thin set the slope will have to be established when the concrete is poured. With mud set, they install the slope with the tile. Mud-set is more expensive
    Expansion grouts: Tell your contractor that he needs to foresee cuts in the concrete UNDER the tiled surface so the floor can expand. A crack in your concrete foundation/floor will crack your tile.
    Tile walls: If you tile your walls as well make sure they use water resistant gypsum wallboard (the green one)

    My 2 cents

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