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Thread: International Experienced Head Brewer Looking for New Opportunities

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    International Experienced Head Brewer Looking for New Opportunities

    International brewer with American Citizenship and 5 years brewing experience abroad looking for new opportunities.
    Currently based in Oslo, Norway where I have worked at three different breweries, three different systems 5HL-25HL, experience canning,
    bottling, writing and executing award winning recipes, attending events, running events, creating blogs, ordering ingredients
    creating SOP's, working for a start up and more.

    I'm dedicated, passionate, and driven by a love for the craft.

    I can be interested in relocating, but it would have to be for the right price as my wife doesn't have citizenship and wouldn't be able to work for a solid 18 months while in the states.
    Would be interested in Florida ideally.
    But if you like what you read up top, just send me a PM and we can have a chat.
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