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Thread: Co2 safe Detergent

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    Co2 safe Detergent

    I inherited a keg washer that uses co2 to purge between rinses, anyone know of a detergent I can use that works in a co2 environment?

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    You're looking for an acid detergent. Your chemical supplier should be able to help you out.

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    Give Dana Johnson over at Birko Corp a call and he'll send you some info on washing kegs with Ultra-Niter (nitric/phos blend) & X-Puma (detergent) combo. Works great on kegs that do not have exceptionally high levels of organic solids.

    If you have lots of organic solids, I would suggest switching your co2 purge to a compressed air purge and using a caustic cycle instead. This is usually as simple as switching input hoses, however it can be more complicated depending on the washer.

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    You can also get so called neutral detergents, which don't react with CO2 so you don't have to faff about with intermediate air purges and then switch to CO2 for the pre-fill purge. Again, your chemical supplier should be able to advise.

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