I had an unfortunate break in at storage and the thief climbed over my 2016 M6 that is currently set up for 22oz bottles. In doing so, they damaged lots of valves, fill tubes, then computer, etc. Long story short, I shipped it to Meheen to run through it completely and make sure it is 110%. This being said, I want to sell this machine and get into a different packaging option. This could be a perfect time for you to get a Meheen that is factory tested and rebuilt to your exact specifications. You want 500mL? We could do it. You want 12oz. We could do it. You get the point. I need to get what I owe out of this machine but you could get a "new" machine for a great price. It had approx 60,000 crowns before the break in. M6 and Labeler for sale. Depending on what we do with it, let's talk about the price