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Thread: In Memory of Steve Harrison

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    In Memory of Steve Harrison

    Sierra Nevada VP, industry pioneer, comrade, friend

    Steve Harrison’s body was found yesterday in the Sacramento River after missing since August 7th.

    Despite a massive search by local authorities, tracking dogs, brewery employees and friends, Steve had not been found until late yesterday, nine days after his car was found abandoned near the river. A local resident who took his private boat out on the river specifically to search for Steve yesterday found his body and reported it to authorities who later made the recovery.

    Steve, vice president of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company was an instrumental force in the successful distribution and marketing efforts since the inception of the company. He was the first employee of the brewery and was friends with company-founder Ken Grossman before conception of the brewery.

    Steve carried perhaps the greatest institutional knowledge of craft beer distribution and understanding of the complex state-by-state political and legislative landscape than anyone else in the industry.

    He was also the president of the California Small Brewers Association.

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    Please have a pint of Sierra Nevada in memories
    of Steve; he will be missed.

    Fred Scheer

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